Physical Characteristics


Serialized 2D Codes can be printed by a large range of digital printing solutions on a large variety of documents and products of different kinds (paper, plastic, metal, glass…). Thanks to the adapted printing technic, the 2D code can have a very good definition and be more or less resistant to abrasion.


Serialized 2D codes can be engraved thanks to different kinds of laser marker on a large variety of materials such as paper, plastic, glass, metal. Engraved codes are more resistant to abrasion.


On Documents

The integration of a 2D Code on a document can happen at different stages of its production. Thanks to 2D codes it is possible to trace the document, ensure its content integrity and manage the document all along the different phases of its lifecycle.

On Packaging

Serialized 2D codes can be printed on packagings or labels directly by your supplier. Prooftag supplies a solution to generate and manage serialized 2D codes in connection with Prooftag Cerv service platform.

On Products

Serialized Datamatrix and QR Codes can be applied directly to many kinds of products with inkjet and laser markers. Prooftag offers applications to manage and pilot the marking units in connection with Prooftag Cerv service platform.

Security Levels



Not applicable

Tool required: None

Users: Not applicable



The existance of a serialized QR Code can be verified online. It can be completed by a randomized security code to obtain a higher level of security.

Tool required: Smartphone

Users: General public



CryptoMatrix™ & CryptoQRCode™ can be authenticated through a dedicated smartphone application.

Tool required: Smartphone with Prooftag B-Proof application

Users: Professionals