The multiple potential applications of Prooftag chaosmetric tags require a range of tools to validate their authenticity. Prooftag develops tools for visual and formal authentication for consumers and professionals.


Visual Authentication

Visual authentication is an easy, rapid and reliable way to authenticate a certified document or product. The number printed next to the tag gives access to its image already stored in a database for a unitary visual comparison.

This checking method, accessible via a PC or a mobile phone with an internet connection, is extremely easy. More than 99.5% of people who tested it were able to carry out a visual comparison in less than 5 seconds. The image of the tag can also be printed on a document or in a register, in order to carry out a visual check without any Internet connection.

Visual authentication on internet

Chaosmetric tags can be authenticated over the web

To proceed, Prooftag offers several tools:
• The Prooftag website dedicated to verification :
• Webservices to integrate on the right holders website

Free QR-Code reading applications

Some Prooftag chaosmetric tags are associated to a QR Code. That one can be read by most free QR-Code reading applications.

We recommend to use:

I-Proof: Dedicated Prooftag mobile application

I-Proof application has been developed to facilitate access to visual authentication.

Any owner of an Android or iPhone 4 and above can use the I-Proof application by downloading it directly from Google Play or App Store. By using the smartphone’s camera, you can flash a security seal or a security Card and access the authentication sheet of the chaosmetric tag.

Once it is flashed, the application will decode the DataMatrix code in order to access the Prooftag database. As it accesses the base, the application downloads a picture of the chaosmetric security technology, as well as the description and image of the secured product or document.

Electronic Authentication

The second authentication level is carried out electronically with Prooftag professional readers. The reading systems enable a formal authenticity check of Bubble Tag®. This 3D optical verification is extremely simple, reliable and indisputable.

Prooftag readers use a system involving lights and algorithms to compute electronic signatures from Bubble Tags®. By connecting to the reference database, readers compare the electronic signature to the one recorded.


S-Proof is a Prooftag reader design to validate the authenticity of Chaosmetric Tags. S-Proof works on PC and Android Smartphone in association with a software. To proceed, the reader extracts a signature from the Tag, validates the volumic aspect and compares it to the one stored in the reference database.

S-Proof connects to Windows PC and Android SmartPhones through USB port. Smartphones ever increasing capabilities offer a new world of opportunities to develop mobile applications. The new S-Proof reader has been designed to work on Android smartphone sand takes advantage of the high speed connectivity of them to connect to Prooftag Cerv and develops a new level of interactivity between officers in charge of authentication and the central service platform.