Physical Characteristics


Bubble Tag® is produced in a polymer with a proprietary formulation and a high resistance to heat, friction, UV and chemical attacks. The probability of generating 2 identical Bubble Tags® on a surface of 1cm2 is less than 1/10160.


The thickness of Bubble Tag® can vary from 200 to 500 μm depending on the applications needs. The bubbles cannot be destroyed or moved; the generation process is not reversible.



Bubble Seal® is produced on metallized tamper evident foil. A removal attempt causes his visual alteration. This characteristic reduces the risks of removing and repositioning a seal on an illegitimate item.


Bubble Card® integrates into its inner layer a Bubble Tag® visible in transparency on both sides of the card. Any attempt to remove the Bubble Tag® leads to the destruction of the card. Bubble Cards® can be made of PVC, PC, PET and Metal (brass, steel).

Security Levels


Bubbles are trapped into a transparent polymer and reflect light.

Tool required: None

Users: General Public


Bubbles are recorded in Prooftag Cerv to become the product unique “fingerprint”.

Tool Required: Smartphone, Internet Access

Users: General public


An electronic signature is recorded for each Bubble Tag®. That one can be verified by a Prooftag eDMR® reader.

Tool required: eDMR®

Users: Professionals