The ever-increasing flow of people, products and information, require the implementation of secured documents that can be rapidly identified and authenticated.

Prooftag has developed a strong expertise in the protection of sensitive documents. We offer security solutions based on a combination of physically unclonable chaosmetric features and IT services to fight document counterfeiting and forgery. Thanks to our solutions we can ensure each document:

  • uniqueness,
  • authenticity,
  • content integrity,
  • traceability throughout their life cycle.


Unicity, Authenticity, Integrity

Prooftag offers a document security concept around CertiDOCS®. This software suite combined with Prooftag range of security technologies offers a high-security solution to combat fraud, forgery, and counterfeiting of documents.
This document certification solution is applicable to all sorts of documents, regardless of their nature, their quantity or the production means. The solution has been designed to work on new documents as well as on existing documents.
The concept is based on the implementation of a Prooftag Chaosmetric feature associated with the content of the document in a secure database.
CertiDOCS® enables centralized and decentralized document issuance.


Secured Document

To certify the integrity of data, it is possible to store only the digital signature of the digital document in conjunction with the security tag in a remote database. This feature guarantees the confidentiality of data.


Authentication of a document

Security Technologies

Solutions for document security

Our authentication technologies

Conventional security technologies are mass produced therefore mass reproducible. Only security technologies that cannot be reproduced by their own manufacturers provide the assurance of an effective protection against counterfeiting.

Since 2004, Prooftag has been developing its own security solutions based on the chaosmetry concept. Like biometrics  that identifies human beings by their physical characteristics, chaosmetry relies on recording non-cloneable physical elements to create a serialized authentication feature.

Bubble Tag®
2D Codes


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