Prooftag offers a complete and scalable range of solutions to secure democratic electoral processes:

  • Voter registration, personalization and securing of voter cards: Every citizen expresses their vote in a unique way with a unique identification
  • Security tools and documents for polling stations: The electoral process is secure and transparent
  • Results collection: a secure flow of information from voting offices to the electoral commission
  • Control of the security of election materials accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere


Security Solutions for Electoral Process


A modular range

Prooftag offers a range of modular safety kits to reduce the risk of major fraud and secure the entire electoral process in each polling station on Election Day.
The security kit offers a set of components to :

  • Seal the ballot box
  • Identify bulletins
  • Ensure the integrity of the minutes
  • Securing the supply of electoral materials

Those kits secure the entire process regardless of the environment (with or without electricity or telephone connection…).


Security Solutions recognized by several International organizations


Security Technologies

Our technologies

Conventional security technologies are mass produced therefore mass reproducible. Only security technologies that cannot be reproduced by their own manufacturers provide the assurance of an effective protection against counterfeiting.

Since 2004, Prooftag has been developping its own security solutions based on the chaosmetry concept. Like biometrics  that identifies human beings by their physical characteristics, chaosmetry relies on recording non-clonable physical elements to create a serialized authentication feature.

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