Physical Characteristics


FiberTag® is produced with an uncoated paper available in different weights. The proprietary paper used has been developed
specifically for this application. This paper integrates visible and invisible security fibers perfectly characterized by their colors, size, and thickness.


Security fibers are embedded in the paper structure. The depth of the security fibers in the paper sheet leave them to appear more or
less clearly. That deepness characterizes the 3D aspect of the FiberTag®.


Seals and Labels

FiberTag® seals and labels are produced with a special security paper using digital printing processes. Seals and labels can have any size or shapes. They can integrate a tamper evident design to reduce risks of removing and repositioning.


FiberTag® Cards are cold laminated paper cards that can be integrated into a process of laser and inkjet
personalization on conventional office equipment.


Secure FiberTag® sheets are designed to prove:
• the authenticity and origin of documents to fight against counterfeiting,
• the integrity of the information to fight against falsification of the original documents,
• the unicity of the document to trace its issuance.

Security Levels


FiberTag® include security fibers of two colors embedded in the paper thickness.

Tool required: None

Users: General public


FiberTag® fiber dispersion is recorded in Prooftag Cerv to become the product unique “fingerprint”.

Tool required: Smartphone, Internet Connection

Users: General public


UV sensitive fibers glow under UV light.
UV Sensitive fibers dispersion may be recorded in Prooftag Cerv

Tool required: UV Lamp

Users: Professionals