Prooftag Cerv

Prooftag Cerv is a secure platform for web services built on the PaaS model (Platform as a Service). This interface facilitates both managing and monitoring certification, traceability and presentation of your products and documents.


A comprehensive and interactive ecosystem


• Trace and manage your products/documents individually through their production phases.


• Trace your distribution and issuance process.


• Identify and trace returns to analyze


• Prove products/documents origin. Confirm their authenticity through multiple levels of security.


• Assure physical and data integrity of certified products/documents.


• Deter counterfeiters.


• Support the authentication process with online real-time assistance


• Interact during the authentication process to gather feedback and insitu information.


• Provide useful information to controllers to value your products/documents.

Prooftag Cerv provides access to a range of services associated to the product and document life cycle:

Intuitive and user-friendly – Prooftag Cerv requires no specific computer skills.
Strategic – Prooftag Cerv becomes a tool for interactive communication and presentation: creating presentation sheets, graphical design, communication support, user and document engagement, management of the distribution, issuance and process return.
Analytical – Prooftag Cerv provides data on product enquiries, and enables monitoring of points of distribution, or issuance.
Scalable – Prooftag Cerv adapts to your needs, in both the range of services available and in the scope of specific services.
Secure – hosted in IBM datacenters, Prooftag Cerv has a redundant secure infrastructure (ISO27001 certified with management and supervision of flows, back-up and incidents).

Overall Chaosmetric Security Concept

Prooftag develops security solutions based on chaosmetric tags. Those tags are generated by a chaotic phenomenon independent from any human intervention making each of them a physical unclonable feature. Once produced, each tag is serialized before being recorded through Prooftag recording equipment in the Prooftag Cerv.

The overall security concept relies on the matching of a physically unclonable feature with its record in the Prooftag Cerv in association with the certified information.

Prooftag Cerv Prooftag Cerv is a cloud-based solution applicable to all Prooftag security technologies. It is a personalized platform tool for right holders to manage their security tags, in relation with the associated information, services and statistics available.

Prooftag Cerv is central in the chaosmetric security concept. Prooftag Cerv can work as a stand-alone solution or be connected to third party or bespoke solution.

A wide range of services


PAGEcerv is the module to create and manage your online authentication pages to:
Validate the correspondence of a product/document with its description
  Enhance and promote a product by presenting its characteristics.


TEMPcerv is the module to define the layout and design of the page and to implement the presentation items. You can reproduce your own website easily and make your design evolve over the time.


ACTIcerv is a module designed to associate security tags references to a product page. That association activates the references to make them available for consultation on the internet.


STATcerv gives access to activation and consultation statistics.
Have a view on the internal utilization of the solution (stock management, range of products…)
Check the number of verification and visualize their place to identify any non-compliant use.


SAFEcerv is a module to set-up security options and personalization in the content of the pages created through PAGEcerv.


WEBcerv is a module to interface Prooftag Cerv authentication services on a third party website. WEBcerv offers two integration concepts for authentication consultation: iFrame and Webservices


TRACKcerv is a module to manage flow of products and documents. It is a tool to consolidate data relative to a product life cycle.


SALEcerv is the module to manage your distribution networks and visualize your sell-out in real time.


BACKcerv is the module to manage and analyze your product returns through your authorized distribution networks.