Physical Characteristics


Ramdot™ uses optically variable particles whose colors and sizes can be customized to create a personalized Ramdot™.


The thickness of the particles is sufficient to be perceptible to the touch. It is easy to verify the nature of the volume of Ramdot™ by rubbing a finger on it.



Ramdot™ Seal may be built on a wide range of destructible security material, a removal attempt causes an irreversible visual alteration. These features reduces risks of removing and repositioning.

Security Levels

(FR) picto eye


Ramdot™ optically variable particles are color shifting when tilted.

Tool required: None

Users: General public

(FR) picto smartphone


Ramdot™ optically variable particles dispersion is recorded in Prooftag Cerv to become the product unique “fingerprint”.

Tool required: Smartphone,
Internet connection

Users: General public

(FR) picto magnifier


Ramdot™ area glow under UV light.
An electronic signature is recorded for each Ramdot™. That one can be verified by a Prooftag S-Proof reader.

Tool required: UV lamp,

Users: Professionals