Professionals of security, safety and monitoring operate in unpredictible environments.
While the most ordinary objects can become security weaknesses in the service of a foreign intelligence, places and sensitive equipment surveillance requires substantial ressources. The implementation of such surveillance procedures needs a high level of confidentiality and qualified personnal to reduce the vulnerability of your infrastricture agains these threats.
Prooftag, a security solutions specialist, offers CertiSEALS™, a software solution dedicated to the digital management of security seals to deter and fight against compromised places, systems, objects etc…


Why would you need high security seals?


Can you easily verify the integrity of your security seals?

How can you know if your facilities have not been compromised, your equipment replaced or your shipments opened?

Prooftag designs and produces fully customized high-security seals, for your most sensitive applications.


Etes vous sur que vos scellés ne peuvent pas etre rtemplacé par des équivalents ?
You are already using security seals. How can you be sure that those ones can not be replaced by identical seals?

Prooftag offers high-security seals serialized and impossible to duplicate thanks to a chaosmetric feature.

Track & Trace

Savez vous où et quand vous avez utilisé vos scellés ?

You need to know your stock of security seals, who is using them and for what purpose by collecting data to produce alerts and reports in real time.

Prooftag offers a solution to manage security seals for you and your team.


 Digital security seal management solution


Since 2004, Prooftag has been designing high-security seals for multiple applications. We put our know-how at your service to create seals adapted to your usage. Prooftag provides the most sensitive governments and high-tech companies with security seals for safety, economic intelligence, logistics or counter-espionage.

We invite you to discover our range of security seals and the associated CertiSEALS software application. Our engineers are also available to customize this security solution to suit your specific needs.


CertiSEALS™ Master

CertiSEALS™ gives an overview of your security seals management, of their application and of your
team to optimize the time spent on these tasks. CertiSEALS™ ensures the unitary traceability of each seal including their application, verification, its eventual alteration and removal.
CertiSEALS™ includes the management of sealed items, their location in a round, security agents
involved and the verification devices used. All data is collected and dematerialized by CertiSEALS™ to generate alerts, create statistics and archive all events. To ensure total privacy, CertiSEALS™ is autonomous and can work offline.
CertiSEALS™ is a software with customizable settings regarding your organization needs and its
objectives. CertiSEALS™ made of Master an Mobile modules, can be used on stationary and mobile devices like

(FR) radio seal


Mobile device for input and authentication

CertiSEALS™ software associated to mobile devices for identification and authentication of security seals make it easy to use and accurate.
S-Proof Mobile Reader:

  • Electronic verification of the security seals.
  • Friendly user.
  • Lightweight (90gr).
  • Compatible with Android devices.

CertiSEALS™ Mobile

  • Report the application, control, removal and replacement of the seals.
  • Information field gathering (location, photos, comments).
  • Check the unitary authenticity of the Seals
  • Generate Alerts
(FR) Galawy SProof


Prooftag Security Seals

Our technologies

Prooftag offers a wide range of high-security seals customized to your needs with:

  • Several security technologies to make each seal unique, traceable and non-substitutable,
  • Several tamper evident substrate,
  • Adhesives adapted to the item to be sealed,
  • A wide choice of shapes and sizes existing or created on purpose,
  • Colors and design.

Seals are available whatever the quantities needed for a project.

Bubble Tag™


Contact us to receive samples to evaluate