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Prooftag develops a wide range of smart packaging solutions to trace, protect and create a direct link between brands and their consumers. Many brands around the world rely on Prooftag to integrate an intelligent packaging solution for offensive or defensive purposes. Its experience and know-how in brand protection, mass serialization, and commercial networks monitoring make Prooftag the partner of choice for the integration of innovative technologies whatever the industrial sector. We invite you to discover our range of products and services.


Why a Smart Packaging?

Distribution Networks

Are your consumers buying your cosmetics from an authorized reseller?

You work to deliver your product to consumers in the best possible conditions. Whether you sell direct or through a carefully selected professional network, it is not acceptable to see your products appearing in markets that you have not chosen.

Tracing your products has become a necessity to develop your commercial networks and secure your partners.

Protection of your brand

Can your consumers easily verify the authenticity of your products?

Your market is global and multi-channel. The  scandals related to counterfeiting affect all regions of the world and all types of cosmetics. Counterfeiters can effortlessly and without risk make just as much profit with entry range products than those with big names. More and more consumers are wondering about the authenticity and safety of the products that they buy.

Your consumers, in doubt, need to be able to verify the authenticity of a product before buying it.

Customer Relationship

Do you know you consumers and their expectations?
Use security technology as a marketing tool and interact with your customers to raise confidence in your brand. Provide added value services to identify your customers and  increase top-value customer satisfaction and retention.

 Establishing a direct relationship with your consumers is a decisive advantage for the growth of your business.
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Prove the authenticity of each bottle to distributors and consumers

  • Secure the opportunity to identify and authenticate each of your products, wherever it is on the market and without specific tooling.
  • Prove the authenticity of each bottle to distributors and consumers.

  • Reassure your customers by empowering them with the ability to verify the authenticity of your products for themselves before buying.
  • Integrate the authentication service on your Internet site to promote its usage and send a strong message of deterrence to counterfeiters.


Interact with your consumers

Each seal is linked with a dynamics presentation page on the Prooftag service platform: the Prooftag Cerv. You can promote your brand and your products by creating your product presentation pages by yourself.

Enlight your consumers on the specificities of your products to help them in their choice. The solution integrates directly on your website to facilitate its use by consumers and create a direct relationship.


Manage your production line in real time with CertiTRACK

Trace each product from production to consumption in connection with your quality management system to identify the potential reasons for non-compliance.
Limit health hazards by following your products in your distribution networks in the hypothetical need to make a product recall.
Manage your production line in real time and drive your internal and external production process.

(FR) smart chaine


Brand Protection Solutions

Our technologies

Conventional security technologies are mass produced therefore mass reproducible. Only security technologies that cannot be reproduced by their own manufacturers provide the assurance of an effective protection against counterfeiting.

Since 2004, Prooftag has been developping its own security solutions based on the chaosmetry concept. Like biometrics  that identifies human beings by their physical characteristics, chaosmetry relies on recording non-clonable physical elements to create a serialized authentication feature.

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