Physical Characteristics


Variogram® is an overt marking on a metalized foil. The solution offers several options such as holographic pattern details and the seal color (glossy silver, glossy gold, matte silver).


Each Variogram® has a unique variable holographic item such as a reference or a 2D code. Holographic serialization brings a higher level of security holograms.

Variogram® can receive additional security features:  a randomized security code for online, verification – CCP,  a secure encrypted 2 code, a CryptoMatrix® or CryptoQRCode®



Variogram® seals are produced on a metallized tamper evident foil. Any removal attempt causes its visual alteration. This characteristic reduces the risks of removing and repositioning a seal on an illegitimate item.

Security level


Holographic logo and random code changing color when tilted.

Tool required: None

Users: General public


Serialized reference can be verified online in relation with the Variogram randomized code.

Tool required: Smartphone, Internet connection

Users: General public


Encrypted 2D Code

Tool required: Smartphone with eDMR® app

Users: Professionals